SKIP is an international program between Stanford University students and Keio University students. Every year the program invites more than 15 Stanford students in September and is held for two weeks. Through the program, we deepen our understanding about the society and culture of both countries and discuss the futuristic Japan-America relation based on what we have learned in the program.

    SKIP is run by students who belong to I.I.R. (Institute of International Relations), an official welfare organization in Keio University. I.I.R. was founded in 1956 when the international program between Keio University and Stanford University has started. As a public welfare organization, I.I.R. provides various activities to broaden students’ horizon by experiencing international exchange under the financial support of Keio University and has partnerships with more than 30 student organizations all over the world. 


Meet The Team


Ryo Shimomura

President of SKIP 2020.


Ayana Katagiri

Vice President of SKIP 2020.

We are all a member of IIR(Institute of International Relations)

Our project formed an affiliation with these projects below.

International Week Tokyo

P.A.L project