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Keio University x Stanford University x Yoshinori Tezuka

Food Education Across Countries


SKIP is an abbreviation for “Silicon Valley Keio International Program” and is an international exchange program by Keio University and Stanford University. Every year in September, 15-20 students from Stanford University are invited to Japan for international exchange.

This year, under the theme of “Broaden our perspectives through Japan”, students from both schools, who grew up in various environments, experienced from the same standpoint and conducted a project that allowed them not only to “know” Japanese culture, but also to “feel” it. 

On Tradition Day, held on September 3rd, we put emphasis on understanding the spirit of hospitality unique to Japan. With the cooperation of Soul of Japan, Shinjuku Kakiden, Yamadaya Manju, and Omori Kaigan Matsunozushi visited us. 

From Omori Matsunozushi, Mr. Yoshinori Tezuka, the fourth sushi chef, has come and given us a lecture. Mr. Tezuka is engaged in food education activities all over the world, and he also cooperated with lectures at Keio University and the SKIP project last year. In addition to food education, he was in charge of Japanese food exhibitions at the Milan Expo JAPANDAY, staying in the UK as a Royal Family guest, and producing a first lady's luncheon at the G20 Osaka Summit held in June this year. We asked Mr. Tezuka, one of the Japanese leading sushi craftsmen, about things that are not usually heard, such as the history of sushi and things to be careful when he holds sushi. It was an exciting and precious experience for the students.



 In addition, after the lecture, Mr. Tezuka himself gave a valuable opportunity to give a lecture on how to hold sushi using actual rice and fish. Many students struggled with the first sushi holding, but they received advice such as “communicate with a smile with customers” and “hold sushi dynamically as if dancing”, making it a valuable experience with a full of smile.



 We would like to express huge thanks to Soul of Japan, Shinjuku Kakiden, Yamadaya Manju, and Omori Kaigan Matsunozushi. From now on, SKIP will continue to work closely with Stanford University to spread the goodness of Japanese culture.



・About Yoshinori Tezuka

【Organizations he gave a lecture to】

 Keio University(foreign students/general students)

 Sophia University(foreign students)

 Kikkoman Corporation

 Career Asset Corporation

 YPO Japan Branch

 Japan Traditional Culture Labo Corporation

 Many others


【Countries he visited for holding sushi 】

 The United States, Switzerland, Italy, France, Singapore, Qatar, the United Kingdom, Iceland





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