How to apply  (Recruiting now!)

1. Fill in the application form!

This provides basic information about you, telling us what you hope to learn in the program, why this is of interest to you; and any further information you want to convey to us. Please note that there will be a selection of participants based on this application.


2. We will send you a notification if you're accepted or not.


All contents will be held in English.

>Ice break…Entertaining activities to establish good friendships and learn about Japanese lifestyle.

>Activities…Experience Japanese traditional culture―e.g., Japanese poetry and Japanese soup stock.

>Discussion…We’re planning to discuss culture, current affairs and more.

September 5,6,7,9,10,11      16:00-19:00 PDT
*September 8th will be a day off!
*The ending time will differ each day, but all of the sessions are planned to be around 2 to 3 hours.

We hope you participate as many days as possible, but the minimum days you need to attend is 3 days.
*Attendance of the first day (September 5th) where we will have activites to get know each other will be mandatory.


(This does not cover activities costs.)

〜July 31st 2020


Participation Fee

Application Dates